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Adrien Arcand (circa 1965)

ADRIEN ARCAND.  A career journalist, Mr. Arcand was a founding member and leader of the National Social Christian Party, in 1934, the first corporatist and anticommunist party in Canada.  At the national convention in 1938, this party was replaced by the National Unity Party of Canada and Mr. Arcand was elected leader by acclamation of the delegates of eight provinces, no other name being suggested.  Five months before the war of 1939-45, Mr. Arcand announced the inevitability of this war, “which would only result in the overthrow of the European empires and the expansion of Judeo-Communism over the world, solely to dechristianize the western peoples and judaize them.”  On 21 June 1940, his movement was declared “illégal” and Mr. Arcand was sent, together with his principal Canadian lieutenants, to concentration camps, under pressure from Jewry in America and England.  He only left the camps three months after the end of the war.  He could have been set free had he wanted to “do his loyal share for our glorious Soviet ally”, which he persistently refused to do, every six months.  Mr. Arcand preaches Corporatism as the only solution to the social problem; Corporatism is western and Christian in spirit, it abolishes the political factions and replaces them with the social classes, which puts an end to the class struggle; it consolidates and distributes private property while putting the brakes on the selfishness of capitalism, it makes government the head of the people rather than a continually aggressive enemy.  The son of a labor organizer, Mr. Arcand has himself militated in trade unionism, having in 1929 founded the Union of Journalists of Montreal, of which he was elected president.